Founding team and core developers

Artem Spiro

Co-Founder / CEO (Chief Evolutionary)
Visionary entrepreneur and professional Boeing pilot - Artem makes a difference in people’s lives by making a positive impact through sustainable processes and soul-driven living.

Jad Fares

Co-Founder / HSS (Head of Strategy and Sustainability)
Planet Advocate Entrepreneur and Human to Human Strategist - Jad believes that real humans don’t destroy Earth but they unite to benefit it and that life begins with the five senses which leads to the ultimate sense of “Understanding”.

Artem Isay

Co-Founder / COO (Chief Organization and Operations)
Entrepreneur and early Crypto investor — Artem has a strong skill set of technical and operational background, with a deep knowledge of product building and team scaling.

Martin Debonis

Co-Founder / CTO (Chief Technology)
Neophiliac and technology addict, Martin is a serial entrepreneur for digital products and has a predisposition for problem-solving. With a strong digital and technical background, Martin found his true calling as a data analysis ninja, where he also believes in unlocking human potential to achieve team's goals.
Team of dedicated passionate specialists in a field of human consciousness, psychology, social architecture and behavioral studies.