SpiroTron Token

SpiroTron as a base currency in SpiroVerse

SpiroTron tokens will drive the ecosystem, fueling platform growth and user engagement.

As the internet has matured, its effect and impact on us has been all-encompassing and life-changing. What we read, which products we acquire, what entertainment we consume and even how we interface. It seems to understand and evaluate everything about us – our likes, dislikes, friends, purchasing habits or favorite cartoon shows.

These in-depth insights could be argued as good or bad. You can be bombarded with targeted and detailed ads for products you didn’t know you desired or needed, or be shown news articles you hadn’t thought to read or research. This personalization can be fitting, but can also be invasive.

But SpiroVerse is different. SpiroVerse is interlaced by Web3, which is a new utterance and expression of the internet that saddles blockchain to “decentralize” management. Ipso facto hampering the influence of conglomerate corporations, and making it more free, more available and devoid of the profit pursuit of the existing model. It is grounded in open-source software, is trustless – doesn’t prerequisite the support of a trusted intermediary – and is permissionless as it has no governing body.

Built on open source smart contracts, all transactions on SpiroVerse are on-chain (meaning provenance is transparent) and non-custodial (meaning SpiroVerse never takes possession of the user’s assets).

We believe that Web3 is steering us into a new era of the internet. An era in which the users of SpiroVerse platform can be the undeniable proprietor of the network, helping bring it to life and putting to good use its upside value creation.

Visual representation of the SpiroTron token consists of 5 structures: Carved Flower of Life, Whole Flower of Life, Fruit of Life, Metatron's Cube and SpiroVerse logo.

The Flower of Life creates form and fills the petals with experience. The desire of people to know themselves, to become aware of their nature. The Metatron’s Cube represents the structure and connection of the Platonic solids, science and knowledge. The Fruit of Life as the mission of the soul in collective co-creation for activation of SpiroVerse Monads.

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