Q1 - Q4 2024:

  • Fundraising: Seed token sales
  • Develop the SpiroVerse blockchain and SpiroVerse App.
  • Create and launch the SpiroVerse AI companion.
  • Establish Meditations and Courses Marketspace, NFT and Art Marketspace, and Chats.
  • Develop a secure encrypted wallet and user profile.
  • Execute a comprehensive marketing campaign to raise awareness and foster community growth.

Q1 - Q4 2025:

  • Launch the SpiroVerse blockchain and SpiroVerse App.
  • Implement a Ramp launch to facilitate user adoption.
  • Develop API functionality for third-party developers to seamlessly integrate their applications into the SpiroVerse App.
  • Create the Eco Goods Marketspace, ensuring legal compliance and robust coding.
  • Launch the Initiatives platform, enabling users to create and fund their own environmentally-focused initiatives.
  • Establish interoperable bridges to popular blockchain networks.

Q1 - Q4 2026:

  • Expand the variety of decentralized applications (dApps) available on the SpiroVerse App.
  • Create the Dapps Marketspace, allowing verified developers to deploy their dApps on the SpiroVerse blockchain.
  • Forge strategic partnerships with leading wellness, meditations and spiritual brands to expand SpiroVerse's reach and provide innovative experiences to users.