Tokens distribution

Explains the allocation of SpiroTron tokens to various stakeholders in the network
DEX deposits, CEX payments, CEX MM
Reserved for investors who participate in seed, private and public funding rounds.
A smart contract using a SAFT and wrapped NFT (wNFT) are signed with the investors and used to release the initial token offer for seed & private rounds.
Advisors and Partners
Reserved for strategic advisors and partners.
These tokens will be overseen by SpiroVerse Nucleus and used as an incentive for onboarding key contributors and to expand the presence and awareness of SpiroVerse.
SpiroVerse Vision Fund
Reserved for an impact fund with the intention to create a yield beyond money, to generate a measurable, beneficial social and environmental impact.
SpiroVerse Nucleus
Reserved for the founding team and core developers. Responsible for ongoing product development/operations, revenue generation, facilitating network governance and community development.
This allocation ensures incentives are aligned between the core team and the wider community, providing a mechanism for participation in future governance and helping guarantee the long-term success of the project.
Community Treasury
Retained by the Community Treasury that will be owned and operated by SpiroTron holders.
SpiroTron tokens held in the Community Treasury are eligible to be used for the benefit of SpiroVerse and subject to necessary governance procedures.
SpiroTron token holders collectively govern the SpiroVerse DAO – a decentralized soulful organization that will oversee key platform parameters, allocate funds from the Community Treasury, and effectuate proposals passed through community governance relating to improvements to the network.
The SpiroVerse DAO comprises a number of key components at launch, and is expected to evolve over time through transparent self-governance.
The Community Treasury will initially be custodied by DAO governance Trustees.