Vadim Pryakhin

R&D Head

Tech visionary and crypto enthusiast. 15 years in digital marketing made Vadim is invulnerable to stress and provides a wide variety in tech solutions.

David Fernandez

Corporate Communication Manager

Go-To-Market strategy connoisseur, with half a lifetime helping companies in their market structure and distribution channel in the Middle East. We can sum up David with "tell me what you need, and I will tell you how to write it". After dealing with several ventures and writing for different magazines of various nature and fame, he joined SpiroVerse to augment the narrative. David uses his analytical skills for the sake of communication in a complex industry. Crypto is another side of math, after all.

Anastasiya Lagutina

UX/ Game designer

Neuroscientist and psychotherapist passionate about human brain, consciousness, behavior and possibility of establishing a connection between Western neuroscience and ancient spiritual techniques.

Ronald Buayan

Frontend Software Engineer

Enthusiastic Frontend Developer - crafting fully responsive website with up-to-date best practices, coding standards and cross-browser compatibility. Has expertise in JS frameworks such as Angular, Reactjs/Nextjs stack with frontend framework Material Ui | Bootstrap.