Alma Mater

Education is one of the most joyful parts of being SpiroHuman. It is a spiritual partnership. You freely share with others, and openly receive from others, and on and on it goes. You are an apprentice and an educator for the benefit of all.
Education is most effective, most helpful, and most thorough if joy is its driver. Without joy, education becomes a chore. The difference between joyful learning and learning that is not joyful is the “intention”. SpiroVerse brings a unique approach to education.
All experience is influenced, and in many cases determined by, a unique set of qualities of consciousness.
In SpiroVerse, we have created an ‘Alma Mater’ where education is as broad-based and specific as it needs to be, responding to the needs of the Soul.
At its core, SpiroVerse Education starts with the discovery and exploration of what each of us is passionate about.
When there is Passion, education becomes the vehicle to access the subject our soul seeks. It transforms the experience into something desired, rather than endured.
Therefore, the SpiroVerse education is based on joy. That means it is based on passion, and that means it is relevant to the needs that you as a soul have chosen for its journey, here in the SpiroVerse and in the Universe itself.
Alma Mater is not constrained by buildings or campuses. In our times of constant connection, technology makes it omnipresent.
It allows people to sense the passion that fills their lives as they find those endeavors that allow them to give the gifts they were born to give. To empower and enable the link between the soul and the passion, between goals and sharing, between purpose and destiny.
SpiroVerse also facilitates the contact between those with specific needs, based on AI and data input, experienced and professional specialists, calledEnergy Providers, across multifaceted fields of EnergyCare.
Alma Mater includes, but is not limited to:
  • 1-1 online and on-site sessions (patient-healer etc.),
  • Courses, webinars, workshops held by verified Energy Providers,
  • ‘Children's Academy’ dedicated to fulfilling, meaningful, and soulful lives from the early years till adulthood,
  • ‘Professions of the Soul’ dedicated to studies and teachings required for the evolution of consciousness.