Authentic Power

SpiroVerse is not a virtual space or a game. SpiroVerse is a unique infrastructure with a real-world impact.
When you work on the evolution of consciousness via balancing the qualities of consciousness, becoming aware of yourself at the current level of the manifestation, contributing to the world by being part of initiatives, learning or teaching in Alma mater, going through transformational healing experiences, purchasing health goods or energy NFT art in MarketSpace, or co-creating with other souls in Monads - you create Authentic Power.
Authentic Power emerges through building something inside of you. Something you can not lose and that can’t be taken away from you. It is not what you are doing, but how you are doing it. Your intention. When you choose to be in the SpiroVerse your choice has “Intention”.
Life-changing choices change you in a way similar to how love does. Love is a way of being, it is awe of the Universe. Love is a soul-to-soul connection. Choices are powerful milestones that determine the experiences in your life.
Altering your circumstances will not change your life from poor to rich regardless of how many cars, homes, or businesses you acquire.
You were born to create spiritual wealth. If you choose spiritual wealth, you will have meaning, purpose, fulfillment, joy and love. You are a powerful creator, visible to all, visible to the Universe, and responsible for what you create.
When you choose to evolve, you create Authentic Power.
Authentic power is a true indicator of the evolution of your consciousness.
In SpiroVerse the evolution of consciousness is represented by in-platform Authentic Power Token (APT). Your APT rewards are directly correlated to however much Authentic Power you generate.