Evolve & Earn

There are three purposes for Authentic Power Token:
  • To swap it for native utility SpiroTron token ($SPIRO), which can be used as a utility token inside the whole SpiroVerse ecosystem and traded on exchanges
  • To upgrade your SpiroHuman Avatar
  • To donate to the initiative of your choice
You are a changing, flowing and constantly transforming being. Your SpiroHuman Avatar, therefore, mirrors the evolution of your consciousness. It is, in a sense, inseparable from you.
By gaining the Authentic Power you get the APTs which upgrade your SpiroHuman Avatar:
  • Dynamic energy field around the avatar, like an aura
  • Varied sacred geometries on the background
  • Solfeggio Frequencies at which you vibrate
  • NFTs gallery with enlighters, artifacts, art and sound medicine
  • Level, role, field of interests, field of expertise
  • Highly realistic human body characteristics
All this information is secured and stored in your SpiroHuman avatar NFT which can be also used on different web3 platforms.
Moreover, you have access to a dashboard where general index of awareness and general index of qualities (like kindness, love, care, etc.) of all citizens of SpiroVerse are presented.