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SpiroHuman Avatar

You, as a Soul, steer your SpiroHuman Avatar towards the evolution of your consciousness. Similarly, your SpiroHuman Avatar is the true representation of you as a human in the Universe.
Thus, every aspect of your life in this Universe reflects directly on your SpiroHuman Avatar in SpiroVerse and vice versa.
SpiroHuman Avatar in the SpiroVerse = 1 account = 1 human in the Universe. Technically, the SpiroHuman Avatar is a unique personalized non-transferable NFT.
In SpiroVerse, the evolution of consciousness is represented by an in-platform Authentic Power Token (APT). The more authentic power you generate, the more APTs you receive.

Generation of Authentic Power becomes possible by achieving evolution in 7 elements:

  • Qualities of consciousness
  • Levels of manifestation
  • Initiatives
  • Alma mater
  • Experiences
  • MarketSpace
  • Monads