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HealthCare comprises four elements: insurance companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, hospitals, and physicians. A healthcare system is more invested in its own health than the health of its patients.
Whether a health-care system is private, nationalized, or a combination of the two, the social structure of healthcare in which it functions is built on external power.
This old consciousness medicine manipulates and controls bodies at molecular level (pharmaceutical) and at the organ level (surgery). It defines health as physical health and identifies every physical dysfunction as the effect of a physical cause. From the old consciousness perspective no other kind of health is possible, just as no kind of power other than the ability to manipulate and control is possible.
Mental health, emotional health, psychological health, and even spiritual health are reduced to physical causes and physical effects. No cause of disease lies beyond the physical, and no cure goes beyond it.
Old consciousness physicians do not recognize the difference between a cure - the manipulation of a physical process, and a healing - the movement of consciousness in love.
Longer lives, better physical health and less pain are great rewards for their efforts, but more is now required to create and sustain health. And far greater gifts now present themselves. Health emerges from a deeper place. The origins of physical health and physical illness are not physical. Even “emergencies” develop over lifetimes. Every physical dysfunction appears as an emergency by the time it appears in the world.
Only through the creation of authentic power can we achieve long-term preventive healthcare. The social structure of EnergyCare supports and reflects the wholesome, constructive consequences of love. It identifies the effects of nonphysical causes (intentions) upon physical phenomena (such as diseases and injuries) and nonphysical phenomena (such as emotional experiences). It recognizes physical health and emotional ease as equals (love) and lack of physical health and emotional pain as the same (fear).
It recognizes the compassion and wisdom that shape lives into experiences of humbleness, clarity, forgiveness, and Love. And the lack of compassion and wisdom that shapes them into arrogance, ignorance, hatred and fear.
The oneness of health and authentic power is the foundation of the social structure of EnergyCare. Relationships between personalities, souls, and health are its content. It demands responsibility. It understands health as love (the absence of fear) and illness as fear (the absence of love).
Co-creative patient-healer relationships, organic and local plant-based products, wellness markets, spiritual partners supporting one another in maintaining good health are but a few glimpses of the social structure of EnergyCare that is emerging in the SpiroVerse. It serves the stable, ongoing, conscious experience of love and nothing but love.