The Problem

From the moment we are born we enter a world whose perimeters have been set and elucidated for us. We inherit structures and systems spawned from thousands of years of meaning-making, the concept of how we humans come up with interpretations and methods of analyzing to help make sense and draw the facades of this world.
The more we become immersed in the structures and systems of the contemporaneous perceived reality, the further we wander away from our true self: the source of inspiration, creativity, authenticity, and infinite potential.
This is a cultivated mind-made reality we live in where our day-to-day reality is deceptive, compromised by the limiting mental and social frameworks that we humans have imposed upon it. A restricted, mind-made actuality which is primarily a finite learning territory, where circumstances, people, and events shape us. Where power is the ability to manipulate, exploit, and rule.
This actuality is lucidly external power, where evolution requires survival. This way of living is taking its toll on us, with tireless wars and the threat of nuclear devastation approaching, and climate catastrophe drawing closer. Individuals with little vision hold the old kind of power. This out-of-date world is disintegrating.
This whole predicament is the consequence of the hunger for external power. To obtain the ability to manipulate and control which now threatens our very survival. What used to be thought of as the remedy has become our poison.
The universe of this mind-made reality is mechanical and lifeless. We are at the tipping point of extinction where we need to ask ourselves deep down inside if all of this commuting to work, fast food dinners, living paycheck to paycheck, racing against time, is this really the raison d'être of human existence? Many of us want more, but the realities of daily life often hamper our efforts to get it. Sometimes, we even question whether that “something more” exists at all.

Change is the Law of Life

Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past are certain to miss the future. Therefore we need a shift in effort to ascend and understand that this mind-made reality is perceived plainly as a simulation. Despite it having the latest state-of-the-art technology, we do not require for instance a headset to experience this simulation as we are living it right now. And this is not a metaphor; it’s a biological fact. At a fundamental level of how we comprehend reality through our senses, filtering and anatomizing the world through our ability to see, hear, smell, feel, and taste. What we endure through our senses isn’t technically a concrete reality but a sophisticated simulation, where it shapes our mental processes, as our mind-made reality isn't just made up of data that gets filtered by our senses, but also constructed by all the ideas and impressions that we filter through a complex matrix of beliefs. This matrix helps us to organize and understand the world we live in. Furthermore, it shapes our understanding of the past, our experience of the present, and our attitudes to the future.
Simultaneously, we become further embedded in our individual matrices from birth when we are assigned specific attributes like poor or wealthy, black or white. We accept these assigned attributes and even actively construct our identities around them. Then, as we grow, we accrue even more, coming to think of ourselves as clever or stupid, extroverted or introverted. These attributes are lenses that filter the way we see the world. Lenses that focus on some things, blur others, and utterly obscure the rest.
This individual conditioning intersects with broader, collectively produced mental models that are superimposed on reality. Humans have been creating and participating in these models for long enough. From these models, societies have developed constructs like money, nationhood, or units of measure.
These mental frameworks might help us understand and organize the world, but in truth, they’re extremely limiting. Yet they’re woven so tightly into the fabric of our lives that they feel impossible to escape. Nevertheless, to reach our full potential, we need to start unraveling the threads of our mind-made reality and expose the true reality that lies within.

The Solution

Imagine if we could move beyond our current reality to experience a higher form of awareness, one that brought us into contact with our own infinite potential as creative, spiritual, and intelligent beings?
Humans persistently translate immaterial concepts into material forms, to endow the abstract with a concrete presence. We translate intangible concepts like ‘love’ into tangible things, like a wedding ring. The technical term for this process is reification, the tendency to reduce an immaterial idea to its concrete representation.
The human self is an infinitely vast spiritual being, and immaterial experience. Physically, we are ever-changing beings made up of an intricate variety of biological processes. Yet, our minds reify ourselves into a fixed form, that of “the body.”
On a mental level, we do exactly the same thing. At its source, the true self is infinite, immaterial, and ever-changing. Yet, as we exist in the world, we acquire seemingly fixed characteristics that limit our potential. Caught in a tangled network of beliefs, social frameworks, mental conditioning, experience, and opinions, our sense of self becomes reified. As a result, we deny our true, infinite potential.

The Journey

To return to the true self, it is necessary to reverse these processes of reification.
Today, humanity is experiencing an unprecedented transformation in consciousness. One that is moving us in a startling new direction. This is the dawning of a new era in which creating authentic power emerges at the heart of our new evolutionary path. No longer will we be a species divided by culture, religion, nationality or ethnicity, but one whose allegiance is to Life first and all else second.
Human consciousness is evolving. The change is not happening in human consciousness but to human consciousness. We are living our new creation story. We stand in two worlds - the new consciousness and the old consciousness. They overlap temporarily in this time of transition. This is the Great Change.
Today, a new world with a new kind of power is being born. Human evolution now requires spiritual development and the creation of authentic power. The dying world dismisses it, but the dying world is itself dying. Human evolution is becoming conscious. New perceptions and insights are spreading throughout us.
"Creating authentic power requires changing ourselves. It is an inward journey."
This is both the time of our ending and the time of our beginning. The ending is of the agony of isolation from others and from the world. The beginning is a new perception of health and wholeness. Beginning is a new understanding of power. It is the time when the SpiroHuman is being born.
A SpiroHuman perceives infinite possibilities, unleashing the full limitless potential of consciousness.
In Latin, the verb spīrō means both to breathe and to be alive. Similarly in Sanskrit, the noun prāṇā, meaning breath, also ascribes the meaning of life force and energy. Simply put, breath is life.
Thus, a SpiroHuman is alive, full of energy and lives in this reality with pure awareness beyond the bounds and limitations of everyday perception. When we transform and mold into a SpiroHuman, we move from a narrow focus to an broad focus, from attention to objects, things, people, places (particle) to attention to space, energy, frequency, information (wave), from material (matter) to immaterial (antimatter), from the 3D Newtonian world to the 5D Quantum world, from the predictable to the unpredictable, from space-time (a realm of eternal space) to time-space (a realm of eternal time), from state of separation, duality, polarity, locality to state of unity, oneness, wholeness, from the known to the unknown, from limited possibilities to unlimited possibilities, from the domain of the senses to the domain beyond the senses, from the Universe to the SpiroVerse.

The New World

The new world could be the one that runs not on currency and capital but on harmony, cooperation, sharing, and love for Life. We were born to create spiritual wealth: meaning, purpose, fulfillment, joy, happiness, kindness, and love.
It is time to write a new creation story - our own creation story - as we create a new world with our choices, our deeds, our values, our reality, reality without limits or constraints – a wellspring of infinite possibilities, a reality called “SpiroReality”.
SpiroReality is an eternal, timeless, infinite, boundless learning environment. It is an ocean without shores. It is everywhere around us and within us. It is the circumstances, people, and events that teach us about ourselves. It is experiences that drive the evolution of souls. It is the power of alignment of the personality with the soul. It is evolution that requires spiritual growth. It is the universe that is alive. It is SpiroVerse, the intimate, the compassionate, the wise.
These perceptions are now emerging in hundreds of millions of individuals. Within a few generations all humans will be in the SpiroReality.
In the fullness of time, by shedding the constrictions of the mind-made reality and activating the infinite potential of our own consciousness, we are able to access our own infinity, the “SpiroHuman potential”. This is an unprecedented transformation of human consciousness that is in motion. It is changing everything.
This is our new creation story.