SpiroVerse Unity

Humanity is not negative. But it is limited at this time when the old consciousness is dying. Its potential has shattered. How? The history of humanity can explain it all.
Humanity’s history is laden with warfare. An endeavor that produced brilliant technology with the sole purpose of self-annihilation. Humanity has also created art, music and literature. All noble pursuits that, alas, failed to empower it towards attaining enlightenment. Humans have, historically and relentlessly, paid little attention to kindness. Why? Because the profit driven mind-made reality associated it with weakness. And it was, therefore, thrown to the curb in favor of relentless greed. Greed for external power.
Our current societal fabric does but display evermore examples of such behavior. Kindness is a forgotten chapter in our education system. And while our students have direct access to all the knowledge humanity has produced, in our own 21st century, a comprehension of how the world works is absent.
For instance, Electricity did not make candle-power negative. Candles served their purpose in their time; old consciousness humans have done the same. The birth of the new human consciousness does not make the dying human consciousness negative. It is simply becoming obsolete. It is taking space. It is taking time. It is becoming an obstacle to human evolution.
Creating authentic power requires exploration of our darkness. That of fear. And for us to consciously and willingly push through and reach beyond, to the light, to love. And if we all do it, we will be able to replace our disintegrating social structure with a new society. One that stems from empathy. “The SpiroVerse Unity”.
The SpiroVerse Unity involves everyone and everything. It transcends the boundaries of culture, religion, nation or ethnicity. It includes individuals that think, are, speak, behave, and believe differently from one another, but coexist. Whether they are sleeping in penthouses or on sidewalks. From the individual exploring the wonders of the wilderness, to the one tormented by harsh lights and brutal captors. Each and every one of them is a unique part of the SpiroVerse Unity.
Mountains, valleys, continents, oceans. And the Earth, stars, planets, meteors, nebulae, and galaxies, the entire physical Universe. And many countless realms of life and consciousness - far different from those we experience - exist in SpiroVerse Unity.
Everything that ever has been and ever will be lives and thrives in the SpiroVerse Unity.

Harmonization (Cooperation)

Harmonization is the natural route when rivalry no longer overshadows consciousness. Cooperation requires reaching out and creating common goals. It requires listening and appreciating others’ intelligence and wisdom.
Harmonization presumes that there are no successes or failures, there are only harmonizers, individuals who have set the notion and intention to merge their creativity, their intelligence, and their wisdom toward a unified destination.
SpiroHumans harmonize in a unique manner: co-creation.
Co-creation happens when the prosperity of all is the key objective, it is the harmonization of soul-to-soul. It is harmonization in the service of love. SpiroHumans see one another as souls, and they strive to utilize their creativity in ways that benefit Life.


Sharing is at the core of authentic power where it is a natural manifestation of love. Sharing feels healthy, right, and most of all humane. Sharing materializes from having faith in the Universe, for the soul perceives only sharing.
Everything we experience through our senses is sharing. All we have ever known is sharing. But this sharing is not an action but an environment, an atmosphere.
Just as the air that we breathe is not shared. We don't ask for it nor do we receive it. It is a gift. It is as if our world is a gift. Sharing is as souls are. Without sharing there is nowhere to go on the spiritual path, and yet we must embark upon the spiritual path in order to share.
Mother Nature is centered around sharing. Every Ecosystem testifies to this. As we breathe, we inhale oxygen, which is created for us by the plant kingdom, and as we exhale, we give the plant kingdom carbon dioxide which it uses to create oxygen, and so it goes. The sharing is uninterrupted, it is endless. That which appears to be sharing is actually giving, and that which appears to be giving is actually sharing because the two cannot exist apart.
As you develop the ability to share without a second thought, your sharing becomes as the light or warmth from the sun. Sharing becomes complete.

As within, So without

It is the natural world order for SpiroHumans to experience consciousness at the highest realm of reality as primary, and the world of umpteen desires as secondary. They believe that consciousness determines the world. They evolve their consciousness in order to change the world. They create authentic power.
Mind-driven humans can’t comprehend that changing themselves and changing the world is the same thing. They perceive it as two different things. SpiroHumans see it as one.
SpiroHumans view Mother Earth as a living body that exists with or without us. It teaches us about ourselves everytime we view connections between it and the choices we make.
SpiroHumans see and, most of all, feel the impact of the violent hurricanes, the droughts, and the long fire seasons. SpiroHumans witness the arctic ice disappearing, the glaciers melting, the islands sinking, and the coastal cities beginning to flood. SpiroHumans behold the fracking of poison aquifers, pesticides, rodenticides, and fungicides that make us ill. They see how micro plastic in the Ocean makes crops shrivel, hunger spreads - and they realize that we humans have caused it all. None of it would have happened or could have happened without the choices we made.
This collective learning, without conscious thought, unifies SpiroHumans. We consolidate our thoughts and vision to declare to ourselves on both collective and individual levels: “I will no longer contribute to the cruelty that has characterized the human experience”.

As below, So above

We as individuals are regarded as micro, while the macro is the collective experience of humankind. It is the micro that shapes the macro as the center of the Universe is in each one of us. This acknowledges that the power to transform the world is the power we have to transform ourselves. The future of humanity does not rest or rely on one individual, leader, or savior with a higher consciousness to show us the way. But rather, through first transforming ourselves from the inside, we begin to transform the world.
As we become SpiroHumans, our understanding of the world, the universe, and power changes. Our capabilities and our way of evolving is different. It requires us to transform the collective consciousness of fear with the power of our own consciousness “Love”. This transformation enables us to change our energy levels from a survival state, to greater levels of awareness, compassion, love, gratitude, and other elevated states of being - these coherent electromagnetic signatures become entwined with one another.
The effect will be that we will be able to unify communities that were once separated by the belief that we are just matter. Once we transition our state of being from survival into love, gratitude and creation, instead of reacting to violence, terrorism, fear, prejudice, competition, selfishness, and separation (which, incidentally, the media, commercials, video games, and all types of stimulation are constantly reminding and programming us to live within), we can unite together.
Thanks to mirror neurons (a special class of brain cells that fire when we see someone perform an action), we are biologically wired to mimic each other’s behavior. Modeling peace, justice, love, kindness, care, understanding, and compassion allows others to open their hearts and move from fearful, aggressive states of survival to feeling wholeness and connectedness. Think what would happen if we all understood how interconnected we are to one another and to the environment, rather than feeling separated and isolated. We might actually begin to take responsibility for our thoughts and emotions because we would finally understand how our state of being affects all life.
Now, we can manifest into our true nature and fully access our innate capacity as human beings. This is to love, to serve, to share, to cooperate, and to take care of one another and the Earth.