The SpiroVerse Economy

Street vendors, laborers, multinational corporations and nations all follow one rule. Financial markets and commodity exchanges follow this same rule: maximum gain, maximum self-benefit, and maximum profit. Forever striving to profit at another’s expense, it’s our gospel.
This is the global economy. This is the economy of the old consciousness. It is ruthless, aggressive, fierce, and a self-serving product of fear. Economics is the study of how we find opportunities to benefit ourselves - how we “take advantage”, “capitalize”, “exploit” and “monetize” them.
Adam Smith’s quote that rational self-interest and competition lead to prosperity is no longer working. Smith built this edifice of fear on the foundational experiences of every person. The fear of not getting what they want, of losing what they have. The pursuit of external power is a trip through the fantasy that manipulation and control can produce self-worth and joy.
This is consumerism.
Consumers buy more than they need. Consumers are doubly important to an economy when they are also “workers” who produce the goods and services they consume. Individuals who have no “resources” to consume and do not work to produce consumable goods and services are useless to the economy. They sleep on cardboard, starve on sidewalks, and die under bridges.
The economy of old consciousness seeks incessant self-benefit. It does not care about the consequences. This is the pursuit of external power.
It now produces only violence and destruction. The old economy projects the understating of power as manipulation and control onto the domain of production, distribution, and commerce of goods and services. The old economy removes caring and connection from human experience, and divides participants into haves and have-nots, powerful and powerless, hungry and fed, safe and vulnerable. It is destructive in every way. The old economy is an unconscious confluence of self-interests. It is a terrifying real-time, real-life definition of “unsustainable”.
The old economy is single mindedly focused on profit. Profit is excess. It is more money than a business needs to pay its expenses. In other words, more than it needs to pay employees, vendors, investors, etc. Multinational corporations usually have a lot left over. They use it to make more profit. It’s never enough. Their goals are hollow and destructive, their pursuit of profit, toxic.
The world reflects our inner dynamics just as a mirror reflects appearance. The old economy is just one of our reflections. It shows us the brutality of the parts of our personalities that exploit rather than contribute. Our social structures will not change until we change.
“Consume” is an artifact of old consciousness.
“Contribution” is the reality of SpiroHumans. Our contributions determine our experience. When we contribute love, we experience creativity, meaning, and joy.
Contributors add, augment and make things accessible to others. They create, innovate, and share. They take the long view, the seventh-generation view. They plant crops for those who will harvest them in the future. They know the seed never sees the flower. Contributors trust the Universe to provide what is appropriate.
We are now becoming conscious contributors. We are claiming our place in the SpiroVerse economy.
Millions of investors that previously sought only monetary gain now seek more. They impose the “do no harm” principle on their investments. They refuse to invest in companies that manufacture weapons, produce unhealthy products, pollute the environment, and so on. This is called socially responsible investing.
Investors are moving beyond passive “do no harm” criteria to proactive “do good” criteria. They demand that their companies contribute to the well-being of employees, host communities and the environment. This is impact investing and it is becoming mainstream. In other words, millions of investors around the world, once unconsciously united in greed, are consciously uniting in support of Life. The SpiroVerse economy is emerging.
SpiroVerse is a soulful ecosystem. It is a projection of power as authentic onto the domain of giving and receiving gifts with the living Earth and among ourselves.
The SpiroVerse economy is a beautifully simple, transparent, always accurate, continuously created portrayal, on the canvas of collective experience, of the most healthy and joyful dynamics within each of us.
Hundreds of millions of SpiroHumans create authentic power instead of pursuing external power. New businesses explore a new frontier where the need for profit meets the requirements of the heart. New businesses follow a different pole star. They steer toward a different destination. They participate in a dynamic of serving others that is made possible by profit instead of the obsolete dynamic that is motivated by profits that are generated by serving others.
Beyond this dynamic lies the potential of the newest of all business intentions. It is the intention of pure service, just as the oldest of all business intentions is pure profit.
New businesses reverse the direction that business energy flows. They transform taking into giving, they seek connections instead of customers, they contribute to life instead of exploiting it.
Our evolution now requires contribution instead of exploitation, connection instead of consumption, and constructive co-creation in a larger domain of experience that we have been able to imagine. The new social structure of business is emerging, and this is the SpiroVerse economy.