APT - Authentic Power Token

In SpiroVerse the evolution of consciousness is represented by in-platform Authentic Power Token (APT). The more authentic power you generate, the more APTs you receive.

There are three purposes for Authentic Power Token:

  • To swap it for native utility SpiroTron token ($SPIRO) which can be used as a utility token inside the SpiroVerse ecosystem and traded on exchanges
  • To upgrade your SpiroHuman Avatar
  • To donate to the initiative of your choice
You are changing, flowing and constantly transforming form. So will your SpiroHuman Avatar, mirroring your evolution of consciousness. It’s inseparable from you. It is you.
Just like you, the APT will move and transform. It will be issued with a time-stamp, used as your start point and with a predefined count-down. You can control where your Authentic Power will be used. You can decide to swap it, or you can use it to upgrade your Avatar. Also you can donate it to a cause, or to help and thank someone within the Unity. Through trade and action based on the APT, each transaction restarts the countdown with a new time-stamp. Trading will allow staking and inheritance of the token, which can be controlled and updated via the user profile.

By gaining Authentic Power you unlock the APTs which upgrade your SpiroHuman Avatar:

  • Dynamic energy field around Avatar like an aura
  • Varied sacred geometries on the background
  • Solfeggio Frequencies at which you vibrate
  • NFT gallery with enlighters, artifacts, art and sound medicine
  • Level, role, fields of interest, fields of expertise
The token works as a reward system. Its quantitative value will be a fraction of the SpiroTron value that is determined by a variable rate taken from DEX’s API. It will also define the value of Swap.
The secondary role of the APT is also to grant a barrier-free entry to every member of the community, independently from the time they join. For this purpose, the APT will be used as a constant that controls the cost of upgrade as well as the swap value. From Time-Zero (the initial mint of the first ever token) the upgrade costs will maintain the same value of APT, allowing members to upgrade at the same rate while walking the path of their evolution.
The Value of the APT is set as the unit that defines the NFT value toward the SpiroHuman Avatar. It will remain constant independently from the financial value of the SpiroTron Token, to serve as an incentive for the active members to welcome new joiners and ease the community growth.
All this information is secured and stored in your SpiroHuman Avatar NFT which can be also used on various web3 platforms.