SpiroVerse DAO

SpiroVerse DAO as a governance
Governments are based on external power regardless of their origin, their name, structure, or what they claim to stand for. At present, governments have become unstable, unworkable and destructive. We witness their impending failure. But this is not a failure caused by the misuse of their features, but through the use of them. Therefore they can not be fixed because they are not broken. They are but obsolete, and they cannot be modernized. Violence and destruction in their quest for supremacy and self-preservation is the only possible outcome.
Revolutions only turn the wheel. They transfer external power from one set of hands to another, from one set of values to another.
Evolution replaces the wheel with previously unimaginable forms and functions. We are in an Evolution, not a revolution.
The relationship between governor and governed must be seen as a symbiotic unit. There can be no governed without those who do, and there can be no governing without those who are. The divisions between “I” and “them” are now melting. From the impersonal perspective of the soul, which means from the perspective of SpiroHuman, governed and those who govern are not separately existing individuals and entities.
SpiroVerse DAO is an emerging social structure of governance that is built upon the perceptions and values of the soul rather than the perceptions and values of the personality.
All individuals can contribute to this social structure by creating authentic power.
The first step in contributing is rooted in values, energy, and intentions of the soul. It is to release the old consciousness’ imperative of doing something, of changing the physical world. Rather, by first changing ourselves, we begin to change the world.
The social structure is an experience in the macro (collective consciousness). Yet the macro can not exist without the micro (individual consciousness). The only place that change is possible is in the micro.
SpiroTron token ($SPIRO) holders collectively govern the SpiroVerse DAO – a decentralized soulful collective organization that will oversee key platform parameters, allocate funds from the Community Treasury, and effectuate proposals passed through community governance relating to improvements to the network. At launch, the SpiroVerse DAO comprises a number of key components, and is expected to evolve over time through transparent self-governance.

Governance Trustees

A 7-person Governance Trustees controls the SpiroVerse DAO Community Treasury via a 4-of-7 multi-sig wallet.
Trustee signatories merely act as executors of the decisions passed through governance. They do not have the ability to unilaterally allocate treasury funds, and merely oversee the safety and security of the underlying assets controlled by the DAO.
This trustees consists of 3 SpiroVerse Nucleus members, 1 advisor and 3 independent SpiroVerse Unity members.
While the initial Trustees members have been pre-selected at launch, they are subject to be replaced through governance at the choosing of $SPIRO holders.
The Governance Trustees act as an intermediary between the existing structure of SpiroVerse governance and a fully decentralized future.